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For All Courses Offered.

Obligations of Northstar Auto Driving School:

  1. 1. The School will provide the training in a timely and professional manner.
  2. 2. A course outline will be explained and provided to the student and or the parent or guardian prior to the signing of this contract.
  3. 3. Your driving instructor is licensed by Alberta Transportation and will produce his or her instructor's license and operator's license upon request.
  4. 4. If a school has to cancel a lesson due to instructor illness, vehicle break down, or any other unforeseen event, every effort will be made to accommodate the student and to reschedule the lesson as soon as possible.
  5. 5. An in-vehicle student evaluation report will be completed by the instructor and explained at the completion of each lesson.
  6. 6. All recordings made by Northstar of any in-class or in-car training sessions will be kept secure and not shared with anyone or any business.

Obligations of the Student:

  1. 1. The Student must hold a minimum class 7 license required for training.
  2. 2. The Student must be a minimum 14 years old.
  3. 3. The student, in order to gain the Driver Education Course Completion Certificate, must have the required minimum hours of training and must pass the examination as approved by Alberta Transportation. The passing grade for in-vehicle is 75% and for classroom is 80%.
  4. 4. Any acts of negligence on the Student's part that result in damages to any person, vehicle or property, or fines received during the Student's lessons, will be the responsibility of the student. The Student agrees to accept all liability for their actions.
  5. 5. Learning to drive must be taken seriously. The Student is expected to give their best effort during classroom and in-vehicle lessons. Unacceptable behaviour, including and not limited to: being under the influence of any level of alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise), profanity or abuse to other students, the Instructor, staff, or anyone else, and being continually late for scheduled instruction, will not be tolerated and Northstar may discontinue any current of future lessons without refund.
  6. 6. The Student must have their valid License in their possession during in-vehicle training. Expect the instructor to check before the start of each lesson.
  7. 7. Cell phones or any mobile electronic communication device will not be used by the Student during any lesson.
  8. 8. Students must provide 24 hours cancellation notice of an in-vehicle lesson to allow the school time to reschedule vehicles and instructors. If a lesson is missed without a valid reason, a penalty equal to the cost of the lesson or a portion thereof may be assessed. The current penalty fee that will be assessed for a missed lesson is $60.00 per hour of booked vehicle time.
  9. 9. Student acknowledges and gives Northstar the full right and authority to record lessons by way of audio, video, or a combination thereof, in-class and in-car, solely for the exclusive use of Northstar and its own activities.



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